MS DHCP. The specified address is not available.

Do not believe your eyes If you are Microsoft Windows admin!   PS C:Windowssystem32> Add-DhcpServerv4reservation -ScopeId -IPAddress Командлет Add-DhcpServerv4Reservation в конвейере команд в позиции 1Укажите значения для следующих параметров:ClientId: 10-e7-c6-e5-4b-ceAdd-DhcpServerv4reservation : Не удалось зарезервировать IP-адрес для ClientID/ClientDUID 10-e7-c6-e5-4b-ce в области на DHCP-сервере MS-DHCP-001.строка:1 знак:1+ Add-DhcpServerv4reservation -ScopeId -IPAddress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    + […]

Netscaler ADC. Web publishing with AD authentication. How it looks

The web publishing is consist by the next subsystems: 1. Content Switching; 2. AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing); 3. Load Balancing; 4. AppFirewall. Users connects to the system from the Internet. In my case I used AD as auth store and user authentication occurs using the user name in the next format “SamAccountName” and “UserPrincipalName” […]

How to remove default cisco user from hundreds devices

A vulnerability in the Cisco IOS XE Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to log in to the device running an affected version of Cisco IOS XE Software with the default username and password when there is no startup configuration on the router or a write erase followed by a reload. This account allows […]

Netscaler ADC. How traffic flows at your network

I use one-armed topology because my firewalls with IPS, IDS and etc. features do separating Internet users and servers more effectively 🙂 The Netscaler have five types of interfaces: NSIP address. Netscaler IP address. Used for the access the Citrix ADC appliance for management purposes. Installed by default and cannot be removed. SIP address. Subnet […]