Netscaler ADC. Web publishing with AD authentication. How it looks

The web publishing is consist by the next subsystems: 1. Content Switching; 2. AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing); 3. Load Balancing; 4. AppFirewall. Users connects to the system from the Internet. In my case I used AD as auth store and user authentication occurs using the user name in the next format “SamAccountName” and “UserPrincipalName” […]

Netscaler ADC. How traffic flows at your network

I use one-armed topology because my firewalls with IPS, IDS and etc. features do separating Internet users and servers more effectively 🙂 The Netscaler have five types of interfaces: NSIP address. Netscaler IP address. Used for the access the Citrix ADC appliance for management purposes. Installed by default and cannot be removed. SIP address. Subnet […]