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Cisco Nexus memory diagnostic commands and removing log files from Linux Kernel

nexus 5596up switch
Sometimes remote (vty) connection was initiated to the switch and make full memory on Nexus devices. How to diagnostic memory:
show processes log

show process log details

show syste intern mts buf det

show system internal mts buffers summary

show processes memory | sort -k 2 -n -r | head

show system resources

show system internal memory-alert-log

show system internal mem-stats detail

show system internal flash

How to remove files from Linux Kernel:

If you want to delete any files and the “filesys delete” command is not working, you can delete them only from the Linux kernel.

You can do it only with plugin which allows you to enter the Linux kernel.
It is specific for each version of NX-OS and be very careful what you’re deleting and doing from inside the linux:
nexus# load nuova.bin

The commands from inside the linux should be something like the below EXAMPLE:
 cd /var/sysmgr/logs/
rm FILENAME.tar.gz


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