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Tunnel mappings must match provider
QoS class model mapping

Plan to do:
1. Create the class maps for classifying traffic

2. Create policy-map with queuing policy

3. Configure shaping policy for HUB

4. Configure NHRP

5. Apply and check:


mc-isr4451x-1#show dmvpn detail
Legend: Attrb –> S – Static, D – Dynamic, I – Incomplete
N – NATed, L – Local, X – No Socket
T1 – Route Installed, T2 – Nexthop-override
C – CTS Capable
# Ent –> Number of NHRP entries with same NBMA peer
NHS Status: E –> Expecting Replies, R –> Responding, W –> Waiting
UpDn Time –> Up or Down Time for a Tunnel

Interface Tunnel13 is up/up, Addr. is y.y.y.y, VRF “”
Tunnel Src./Dest. addr: x.x.x.x/MGRE, Tunnel VRF “IWAN-ISP-1”
Protocol/Transport: “multi-GRE/IP”, Protect “DMVPN-IPSEC-PROFILE”
Interface State Control: Disabled
nhrp event-publisher : Disabled
Type:Hub, Total NBMA Peers (v4/v6): 3

# Ent Peer NBMA Addr Peer Tunnel Add State UpDn Tm Attrb Target Network
—– ————— ————— —– ——– —– —————–

1 z.z.z.z w.w.w.w UP 00:45:35 D w.w.w.w/32
Output QoS service-policy applied: RS-GROUP-20MBPS-POLICY

x.x.x.x – external ip address on hub router for tunnel creation

y.y.y.y – tunnel ip address on hub router

z.z.z.z – external ip address on remote site router for tunnel creation

w.w.w.w – tunnel ip address on remote sie router

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