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Netscaler ADC. How traffic flows at your network

I use one-armed topology because my firewalls with IPS, IDS and etc. features do separating Internet users and servers more effectively 🙂

The Netscaler have five types of interfaces:


NSIP address. Netscaler IP address. Used for the access the Citrix ADC appliance for management purposes. Installed by default and cannot be removed.

SIP address. Subnet IP address. Used by the NetScaler appliance to communicate with the servers.

VIP address. Virtual IP address. Used for the virtual servers published by Netscaler. Sends, and then responds on user requests by the servers.

MIP address. Mapped IP address. Used for connecting to the backend servers and Reverse Network Address Translation (NAT). The MIP address is one of the NetScaler owned IP addresses.

GSLBIP address. This is an IP address associated with a GSLB site.

CLIP address. Cluster IP address. An IP address owned by the cluster coordinator node (CCO). The CLIP address can float between different nodes in a cluster setup.

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